“What’s more, it’s not really clear where he has his best chance – something reflected in Mr. Trump’s unfocused pre-election push.”

Nate Cohn

“The only reason Trump’s Little Pence is staying in the race is that he’s counting on Donald the Orange Crotch Grabber to withdraw first, leaving him to slickly ease in and receive the replacement nomination nod.”

Jujuan Glenmeister

“Still, Trump during a Sunday stop near Naples told the crowd that the ‘numbers are looking phenomenal in Florida.’ I’m learning so much this election cycle. Phenomenal = not a snowball’s chance in hell.”

Hector Vargas

“His chances of winning were zero to none before this tape, now its just 0% no chance whatsoever. I can’t wait for the Fox News meltdowns the day after! MUST watch TV”

As Jalani

“Fast forward to Nov 9th. You can sorta see Donald standing on the ledge of Trump Tower screaming ‘I’m King of the world!’. Just before he jumps.”

Al Speed

“The state of the polls really don’t matter compared to the four-lane pile-up that is the Trump campaign. With his organization in such a mess, Trump has little chance of convincing those who aren’t already on board to support him. Indeed, he’s likely to lose voters over time. And he certainly won’t be able to field an effective get-out-the-vote push in competitive swing states. The chaos of the Trump campaign is the biggest story of the election, and the key indicator of where the race is headed.”

Jeet Heer

“Anyone with a brain knows trump can’t win, why? Minorities is that simple America doesn’t have that many uneducated white trash.”

agroeconomist 77